How it Works

What is DigiCAB Media?

DigiCAB Media is a revolutionary new information, advertising and entertainment medium that displays content on screens fitted in the back of Licensed MiniCabs cabs.

How does the system work?

Each MiniCab is fitted with a simple 3G enabled system built in to a 9″ screen fitted neatly in to the back of a headrest; we use Satellite technology to update the content on a regular basis from a central point of control.

How long will my MiniCab be off the road?

Our system is very easy to fit and is almost “plug n play”! We can usually have the system fitted and running in your cab within 1 hour.

What do punters think about the system?

Independent market research conducted in December 2003 shows that;

  • 74% of passengers either agree or strongly agree that the system is an enjoyable addition to their journey
  • 92% watched the screen for the whole or most of their journey
  • 79% of passengers disagreed or disagreed strongly that the inclusion of a screen showing advertising was an irritating addition to their journey
  • Only 8% found the system irritating, of that 8% a mere 1% turned the system off.

Will it distract me when I’m driving?

No. The screen faces the passengers, the driver cannot see what is displayed on the screen and there are no reflections from any windows at night time. Neither can the system be heard as there are no speakers.

Can punters control the system?

Yes, passengers must have control over the ambiance of the rear of the cab. DigiCAB Media offers them some control in respect of been able to request the system to be switched on/off.

Who insures the system?

We do, at no cost to you whatsoever.

Does the MiniCab have to be double shifted?


What if the system breaks down?

Should the system fail then you would simply take it back to the installers and they will replace the relevant part. This should only take a few minutes as we have made the system basically ‘plug and play’.

Can I have a livery on my MiniCab also?

Yes but it has to be booked through DigiCAB Media. At the end of the livery contract we would arrange for the advertisement to be removed. The reason for this is we need to avoid brand clashes. Because we can control the content in any individual MiniCab remotely, we can make sure this does not happen.

Can I keep the system when I change to a newer MiniCab or do owners just pass on the contract/system to someone else?

Owners can do both. If they were buying a new MiniCab they can have the system removed from the old MiniCab and re-installed (only by DigiCAB’s approved fitters)) into their new MiniCab, this would be at their own expense though. (Costing £50 for removal and £125 for installation).

Can the system only go into certain models?

The DigiCAB Media system will go into almost any vehicle.

I’ve got a livery on my MiniCab; can I still get the DigiCAB Media system?

It depends on when the livery period is up; if you have just got it then no, you won’t qualify. If it’s almost over then you could qualify, we would decide on a case by case basis.